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OOC: Kaida Courcel Profile

Name: Kaida Courcel
Aliases/Nicknames: Kai, Femme.de.Saules (handle)
Age: 17
Birthdate: April 22nd
Height: 5’1”
Weight: Around 115lbs
Hair: Pale blonde and kept short in the back, her bangs going to her chin and framing her face.
Eyes: Pale blue
Current Occupation: High school student

NetNavi: Copy.EXE (Gifted to her by her mother four years ago, she doesn’t know of his exact origins. She knows he’s from her mother’s work, and that he was scheduled to be deleted, but instead found a home with her. She’s HIGHLY attached to him.)

Kaida is usually a fairly amiable, sweet-tempered young woman. She tends to stick to the background of things (unless it deals with music), not liking conflict or expectations, causing her to often seem like a doormat. Push her far enough or press the right buttons (usually involving her friends, family, or Copy), however, and she’ll dig her heels in and lash out in a rather violent manner (whether this is verbal or physical depends on the situation). She tends to bottle her problems up inside, Copy and Matthis Eichmann (her oldest friend) often being the only ones to get her to stop when she’s doing it, simply because of how attached to them she is. She is EXTREMELY loyal to her closest friends and family, sometimes going out of her comfort zone for them.

She’s also prone to anti-social moods at times, becoming stiffly polite when she has to be among people and talking only to Matt or Copy or her immediate family when she is allowed to be anti-social. Thankfully, these moods are rare and generally negated after a parkour run. She finds parkour relaxing and freeing, a period of time where she doesn’t have to worry about other things, just action and reaction. She’s also VERY into music, singing specifically. She loves singing and has had voice lessons since she was small, and has been entertaining the idea of starting a band with Matt. Kaida adores her mother, despite how little she sees her, but if her mother’s home…it’s very likely Kaida is too, school be damned for a day. Otherwise, the only way she’ll miss school is if she’s sick or there’s a family emergency.

Family: Kaida’s immediate family consists of her father Kenji Courcel (heir of an ‘old money’ family that invests/holds stock in several companies, her mother Catherine Courcel (nee Tokuwa, a scientist in the employ of SciLab), and her two younger sisters Kimi Courcel (a middle school theatre geek) and Christine Courcel (an elementary school gamer). Her extended family is MUCH larger: the Courcels have never been a ‘small’ family line, and the Tokuwa are one of those families that gets together once every few years with a huge family reunion.

Random Tidbits

  • Kaida has been doing parkour since she was twelve, introduced to her by a cousin.
  • She loves tea. Tea is wonderful and delicious and there’s a tea out there for EVERYTHING.
  • Kaida has a guilty love of magical girl anime and manga.
  • Kaida has had a bad run of luck with guys. Multiple rejections since she was 13-ish, and two exes that cheated on her. (The second did worse than that on top of it, but she refuses to talk about it with anyone she’s not close to.)
  • Kaida is not fond of Net Battles with Copy, as she doesn’t like risking him getting hurt. But if he wants to, she won’t deny him.

(Poke me if you feel anything else needs added.)